Monday, January 10, 2011

Current training, future goals

I took today off to try and let my elbows recover a bit, they've been hurting like hell lately, I haven't been able to press lately. I did squats and bench in separate sessions on Saturday, and that made things bearable. I was able to get some lat, bicep, and rear delt work in as well, which I haven't been able to do when I do things all at once lately. I'm also upping my fish oil intake, in hopes that it'll help with the elbows, which I think is only inflammation at this point.

I didn't set any PR's last week, my max squat is 290 from a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I hit 282 (new bar at the gym weighs 42 pounds), and 192 on bench press, and I've been able to add some volume work in after that as well. So hopefully I have a good week and can hit some PR's. I got about 2 more weeks of hard work before I start tapering for the meet. I hope to lift everyday from now until the meet, and I hope the taper gets rid of any of the elbow pain that might be left over.

After the PL meet, I'm going to be focusing on preparing for a Kung Fu tournament on March 5th, then I want to do the Tactical Strength Challenge on April 11th.