Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I don't really have anything planned for this blog, it's just been I really long time, and I really need to post. So, I'm just putting out a few updates of things that are going on fitness/career/education-wise.

I competed in my first powerlifting meet in Montreal on January 29th, and Squatted 314.2, Benched 215, and Deadlifted 383.8 pounds at 165 pounds raw.

Then I got a nasty flu for 3 weeks, with lingering symptoms for another week or 2. I didn't lift for a full 4 weeks, and lost close to 20 pounds.

I've gotten about half of that weight back in the past 2-3 weeks of training. I've been loosely following Christian Thibadeau's High Performance Mass program, as well as GTGing pistols and one-arm pushups on my non-gym days. I read over the articles again today, and am going to stick with it, with a few modifications as right now I'm only getting in to the gym 3-4 days per week, 3 of which are consecutive.

I'm still working for Personal Trainer Toronto, and am currently asking around about positions in a more high-performance setting, and thinking about more school (I got a lot of options that I can't decide on as of now)

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