Monday, March 26, 2012

Life & Training update, Sleep hacking, etc.

So a lot has been going on since my last post. I competed in my first weightlifting meet. I clean & jerked a PR (92 kg), and almost snatched a PR (75 kg, would have been my first body weight snatch), but I got red-lighted because I pressed out.

I've been interning at FITs Toronto, under the direction of Dr. Thomas Lam. I've been working with their athletic development group training. I've also had the chance to attend weekly (more or less) meetings in which I've had the chance to discuss a variety of training topics with the athletic development team at FITs, which includes people with a variety of different backgrounds, including pure athletic development people, as well as those who are also clinicians. Today, we had a curriculum development session. I'm super excited to see that continue to development, it really is a comprehensive, well laid-out approach.

I'm just wrapping up the first day of my new sleep schedule. I slept 4 hours last night, and had a really alert day. The meeting was awesome. I'm supposed to be taking 1-2 20 minute naps per day, I got about 10-15 minutes to rest my eyes twice, but didn't fall asleep. The rest of my day wasn't necessarily productive, I basically watched TV for the rest of the day. But that included watching 3 hours of documentaries on water, which was enlightening. I've been wrestling with the idea of finding a cause to get involved with lately. I've been leaning towards environmental, and the docs opened my eyes.

I bought my domain name last week, It should be up shortly. Hope to see you there soon!


  1. Great Post As Usual! Glad to see you are writing again.

  2. Thanks Jack! I'm glad you enjoyed it