Monday, April 30, 2012

Powerbuilder/Superhero/Awesome/I don't have a fancy name for it Training Program

Catchy title, eh?

I covered the basic principles for my training and nutrition earlier today. Now I'll get into the actual training program:

Tuesday AM (Upper Body Pressing and Biceps):
Quick dynamic warm-up:
YTIW raises x 8
Push-up plus x 8
Press & shrug x 8
1. Plyo push-ups on a bench - 5 x 5
2. Bench Press - 5/3/1 (Test max on 1 week)
3a. Press - 3/4/5 x 10
3b. Preacher curl - 4 x 6-10
4a. Hammer curl with pause - 4 x 6-10
4b. Incline DB Fly-aways - 3 x 6

Tuesday PM (Legs):
Dynamic warm-up:
Knee side-to-side (hip rotation) mobilization x 8 each side
T-spine extension on a foam roller x 3 breaths per position
Pullover lying on a foam roller x 10
Press lying on a foam roller x 10
Squat to stand stretch x 6
Overhead Squat x 6
5 position Snatch (scarecrow on toes, straight arm on toes, hips, knees, "floor") x 3 with broom stick
4 position Snatch (same as above minus the scarecrow) x 3 with a bar
1. Clean - 5/6/8 x 3/2/1
2. 10-minute max pull-ups (alternate between pronated grip and neutral week-to-week)
3. Full back squat (work up to a heavy (not max) single, then one all-out set of 5/3/1 reps)
4a. RDL - 3/4/6 x 8/6/4
4b. Full-contact twist - 3/4/6 x 4/3/2 each side

Thursday AM (Upper Body Pulling and Triceps)
Same warm-up as Tuesday AM
1. Pullover machine - 6 x 6-10
2a. Pulldown - 4 x 6-10
2b. Straight-arm pulldown - 4 x 6-10
2c. Triceps pressdown - 4 x 6-10
3a. Low-cable row - 4 x 6-10
3b. Facepull - 4 x 15
4a. Machine Reverse Flye - 3 x 8-12
4b. Overhead triceps extensions with cable (rope attachment) - 3 x 8-12

Thursday PM (Legs):
Same warm-up as Tuesday PM
1. Snatch  - 5/6/8 x 3/2/1
2. Bench Press - 3/5/8 x 5/3/1 at Tuesdays top weight
3. Full front squat (work up to a heavy (not quite max) single, then one all-out set of 5/3/1 reps)
4a. Barbell (on back) Rear foot elevated split squat: 3/4/6 x 8/6/4
4b. TRX fallout: 3/4/6 x 8/6/4

Saturday AM (Legs):

Same warm-up as Tuesday PM
1. Power Jerk from blocks - 5/6/8 x 3/2/1
2. Weighted Pull ups 4 x 6-10/4-8/2-4 (different grip from previous Tuesday)
3. Trap-bar deadlifts (work up to a heavy (not quite max) single, then one all-out set of 5/3/1 reps)
4a. Single leg RDL: 3/4/6 x 8/6/4
4b. TRX fallout: 3/4/6 x 8/6/4

Saturday PM (Upper Body Pressing & Arms):
Same upper-body warm-up
1. Press (5/3/1)
2a. Bench Press - 3/4/5 x 10
2b. TRX Curl - 4 x 10
3a. Overhead triceps extension with cable (rope attachment) - 4 x 6-10
4a. Hammer curl with a pause - 4 x 6-10

So, 3 days, six training sessions with the goal of getting big, strong and powerful. Medium-Long Term (in the next year or 2) that means an elite raw powerlifting total, and qualifying for weightlifting nationals. Short term I want to bench 2 plates and deadlift 4. I should be able to hit these in week 3. A 315 deep back squat, and 275 front squat should happen soon as well, maybe in a month and a half or 2. In terms of mass, I'm looking to gain 1 pound per week for as long as I can without getting sloppy.

I'm using a 3-week cycle. The set, rep ranges with slashes in between indicate progressions. 5/3/1 for bench and overhead presses is Jim Wendler's 5/3/1, with de-loads taken as necessary, not scheduled for every 4 weeks. 3/4/5 x 10 is 3 sets of 10 reps in week 1, 4 sets in week 2, 5 sets in week 3. 5/6/8 x 3/2/1 is 5 sets of 3 in week 1, 6 x 2 in week 2, 8 x 1 in week 3.

I'd like to get some exercise descriptions and/or videos up soon, if you have a question, leave a comment, and I'll get something for you ASAP (at least a link)

I'll stick to this plan as long as my shoulders feel good (not sure how much the barbell pressing volume will disagree with baseball this summer). We have a 10-event combine at FITS  before Luke leaves at the end of June, so I'm going to have to taper and start training specifically for the jumping and sprinting. But until then, this is the program, I'll have progress updates every 3 weeks.

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