Friday, May 13, 2011

Testing and Training update

Last week I did all the tests from Fit to Fight. My results were:

  • Parallel Box Squat (touch and go) 272 lbs. Goal: 2x BW (330 lbs)
  • Vertical Jump (approx.): 26 inches. Goal: 32 inches
  • Chin-up 1RM: BW + 70 lbs. Goal: BW + 50% (82.5 lbs)
  • Chin-up Rep Test: 15. Goal: 12
  • Push-up Rep Test: 47. Goal: 60
  • Plank: 3 minutes. Goal: 3 min.
I also tested my 1RM Bench Press. I hit 202, missed 212. That's 13 pounds off my meet result, and matches my training PR. This was using the traps-stabilized Bench Press style that Christian Thibaudeau teaches. I just watched the video on it,, and will make some tweaks in the coming weeks. As for my Fit to Fight tests, I only made two, so I definitely have some work to do there.

Right now I'm starting to incorporate complexes into my training. Complexes meaning the same movement pattern done with different loading methods (eg. Strength, speed-strength, etc.) It's another Thibaudeau program, the article can be found here: I'm not following the full program, 4 days of upper body pressing is probably too much for my shoulders and elbows to take, especially with martial arts training and baseball now. I'm using HP Mass for back and biceps, though I may consider throwing in some low rep weighted chins in, to get those numbers up.

I'll be back with my Training for Warriors book review soon, hopefully early next week. Work has picked up, I now have some really early mornings, and I haven't quite adjusted to my schedule yet.

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