Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inspiration (and a quick training update)

This blog is supposed to be part of my efforts to be more proactive and productive in my pursuit of a career in strength coaching. It's been over a week since my first post, so I'm not off to the greatest start. That's going to change starting now. I'm making a point to post something at least every other day.

I've recently finished reading two of Dave Tate's books: Under the Bar and Raising the Bar. These have gone a long way in helping me realize I need to put the effort in to something that I am passionate about. Similar to Dave, I want to get as strong as possible and help others do the same. I realize that I have a crippling fear of failure, and of judgement from others that has held me back in many aspects of my life. Most notably in my personal relationships, but also in my choice of career path. I was too concerned with how others would see my choices, that I haven't put the effort into finding and pursuing something that I was truly passionate about.

At 25, it's probably a bit too late to become an elite athlete, but I'm not going to let that stop me from putting everything I have into my training, both my own, and that of my clients, and into one day running my own business.

My current training, and the plan for the next 6-7 weeks:
I recently completed 5 sets of 5 rung ladders with the 20 kg kettlebell and 4 kg weighted wide-grip pull-ups. I'm going to finish up the light and medium workouts with the 20 this week, then move on to the 24 kg bell next week. I'll test pull-ups with 8 kg on Friday to see whether or not I should go heavier. I'm doing 3 sets of 5 reps on squats 3 days a week, for the time being, in a week or so I'll switch it to 5 x 5 with varied intensities. In two or three weeks I'm going to do Bill Starr 5 x 5, but with deadlifts on the heavy power clean day. I think I'll use a transition week where I test my max on all for exercises. I'm going to stick with the Bill Starr for 4 weeks, then re-evaluate

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