Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time Management, part 1

This is something that has been difficult for me in the past. I used to be a pretty bad procrastinator, but I'm getting better. I'm kind of a free spirit, I don't really plan much, but I'm realizing that in order to become effective at finishing things, at least some planning is going to be necessary. This entry is a list of stuff that is important to me, first from a professional development standpoint, followed by other parts of life (personal interest, building relationships, entertainment, etc.).

- Study for the CSCS test
- Train for the Powerlifting meet
- Keep my existing clients
- Find new clients
- Read training articles
- Write some training articles
- Spend time with my girlfriend
- Spend time with my friends
- Practice my kung fu
- Improve my Cantonese
- Continue with hockey and skating lessons
- Catch up on watching some Hong Kong films
- Leisure reading
- Watch TV (Limiting myself to 1 hockey game, 1 football game, and a few favourite shows per week, no sitting in front of the TV without a plan)

So, that's the list. I need to figure how much time some of these activities will take (some already take care of themselves in terms of time commitment), then make sure I set aside the time to actually do them.

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