Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Management, part 2

Some of the things on my list are pretty well set:
- Kung fu (2 hrs a day, M-Th, 1 hr on Sat)
- Training clients (Currently: 3 clients with 3 1-hr sessions a week)

These 2 go together a bit since they're at the same location. I'm at work/kung fu Monday 1-3 and 4-6 with a new prospect this week from 6-7;     Tuesday 10:30-2 or 3; Wednesday 1-3 and 4-5; Thursday 10:30-2 or 3 and 5-6; Friday 4-5; Saturday 10-12; Sunday 11-12;

I have between 1 and 2 hour round trip commute time, which I use for leisure reading. I just finished reading The Tao of Gung Fu by Bruce Lee. Next book will be Vital Breath of the Dao: Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong by Master Zhongxian Wu.

Other Set activities:
- Hockey lessons: Sunday 8:15 - 9:05
- TV:  Monday 8-9 or 9-10; Thursday 8-9; Saturday 7-10
- Weight training

My resistance training is currently the RKC Right of Passage (Presses and Pull-ups done in ladders, plus timed swings/snatches) Saturday. Monday, Wednesday, and squats on Friday, Sunday, Tuesday. I was on a straight 3 x 5 working up to a max fiver everyday, but I'm going to switch to 5 x 5, with heavy, light and medium days. KBell training is done at home 1st thing in the morning MW, and after work on Sat. Squats are done just before work.

In two weeks I'm going to drop the kettlebells, and switch to the Bill Starr plan that I mentioned previously, Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings, and I'm going to stop going to kung fu on Mondays and Wednesdays.

These activities, plus commuting, eating, and washing up leave me about 33 hours each week of free time. I figure I need to spend about 10 studying for the CSCS; 2 reviewing and planning for clients; 1-2 hours writing 3-4 blog posts each week. So I still have just a bit under 20 hours a week of free time. Although it's split up into small parts most of the time. I got a big chunk (6.5 hours) on Friday which I'll spend with my girlfriend if it works for her. Saturdays are pretty open as well. That's hockey watching night for me, I should try and find some friends to watch it with. I also need to find some time to fit some housework in there.

Writing out all my weekly activities has given me a good idea of time goes, and it's really driving home the point that my time for studying, blogging, and reading is going to come in very small pieces. I need to make sure that I use these times wisely, and don't spend the time sitting on my ass, or reading random stuff on the internet that's not beneficial for me.

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